Taken at Pyroglyphics Music Festival, July 4th weekend 2016.
Kila Trax & Kid Optimus Tag Set A.K.A. K.O.K.T.
Taken at Revolt Music Festival 2015. Kila Trax & Kid Optimus A.K.A. K.O.K.T.
Beatport Artist Picture 2013


With his unique production of hard hitting, dirty bass riffs and complex melodic synths, along with his talented seamless blending skills on the turntables, Kid Optimus is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electronic dance music. Hailing from central MA, Kid Optimus has brought a consistent hard dance vibe to every set he plays. Performing across the USA and opening for such names as DJ BAM BAM & Dig Dug, he has made a strong name for himself arranging an inspired combination of self produced tracks and remixes. He first struck the airwaves in November of 2008 on the BUZZ Radio show with Randy Boyer on KISS 95.7 in Hartford CT , along with multiple guest appearances on collage radio shows all over MA. He has released many original tracks & remixes  through various labels which you can purchase on Beatport and almost all other online music stores. Kid Optimus is a signed artist to  EHTraxx, Coldwave Records & B-Side EHTraxx (EH-Media`) with multiple releases on Digital Empire Records, Export Elite, Ear Time Records & Night Life Records, Forte Records, Dirty Korner Recordings & Bassboom Recordings. With well over 30 releases in the past few years, and a string of releases for 2017, Kid Optimus is well into making his mark on the world with some heavy electro bangers!